Toolbox talks are generally health and safety focused and a way of incorporating learning into the everyday within the workplace.

The idea is that a small group, perhaps a shift or departmental group, regularly meet in an informal setting and have a discussion about a relevant health and safety topic. Example topics would be a near miss that happened the week before or the potential hazards created by new equipment.

The idea of toolbox talks are that they are quick interventions (normally 10-15 mins) which use discussion and a questioning approach to get key messages across and ensure group understanding. They are not a lecture or formal training session, but are designed to get people thinking and talking about health and safety. The most effective training is training that is delivered on a continual basis and which is relevant to peoples’ everyday work lives – making toolbox talks a very effective health and safety tool. As different team members can lead toolbox talks they are also a way of developing interpersonal and communication skills within a team.

So why is this relevant to engineering? Well, the HSE reports that between 10-15% of accidents reported to them involve the use of machinery. So a regular programme of engineering focused health and safety toolbox talks, such as how to clean machines safely, isolate them correctly and the right personal protective equipment (PPE) to use while doing these tasks, is a useful supplement to a broader health and safety programme.

Padgate Services can develop and deliver or train your own staff to deliver these type of toolbox talks and support them with Standard Procedures; easy to follow step-by-step guides, about how to undertaken basic machine tasks. As well as keeping your staff safe when handling machinery, this may also help to reduce your maintenance costs, as staff will be more engaged with the machinery they operate and in-tune with any tell tail signs that something may be starting to go wrong.

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