Collaborative working can help make a good project – great!

Being able to clearly communicate the requirements of your business to a third party supplier can significantly influence the successful delivery of a project- this is where collaborative project working can deliver real benefits.

Padgate Services has the experience to work successfully between your business and your preferred supplier to ensure that your project is tailored precisely to your needs and takes into account your current business reality and future requirements.

Whilst it goes without saying that we can provide a technical interface with a supplier, our true advantage is that with extensive production and managerial experience, we can ensure that the third party supplier delivers a solution which fully meets the needs of your business processes, understands your constraints and takes advantage of any opportunities which exist. As we would know your business well, Padgate Services can work collaboratively with a third party supplier to ensure successful project outcomes.

From the inception and specification stages of your project, through installation and set-up, we will ensure that the work is of the highest quality standard, delivered on time and within budget.

Padgate Services recently demonstrated this type of collaborative project working when they worked on the installation of a new water cooling system for a client with third party refrigeration specialist, Adcock.

Here’s what Adcock had to say about collaborative project working with Padgate Services:

Padgate E&M Services provided support to their client at all stages, including design, acceptance, installation and snagging stages, this resulted in the installation proceeding with minimal downtime and a system that was commissioned and operational in the shortest possible period. Padgate E&M Services provided the perfect engineering technical interface between the client and the supplier, with a true benefit to all parties.”  Adrian Bonfield, Adcock Norwich Branch Manager.

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