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Norfolk Snowsports Club

Norfolk Snowsports Club is one of the largest member run ski and snowboard clubs in the country. It offers a wide range of Snowsports activities, including ski-ing, snowboarding and tubing across its artificial slopes.

Padgate Services relationship with NSC first began when it undertook a maintenance audit for the Club. The Club decided that it would be useful to gain an external perspective on how they were organising their maintenance and any equipment risks that existed. The Maintenance audit provided by Padgate Services provided a detailed overview of the condition of the club’s equipment, the associated risks and made recommendations about how maintenance could be improved in the future.

As a result of the maintenance audit, Norfolk Snowsports Club commissioned Padgate Services to develop a tailored maintenance programme for their POMA lift, a crucial piece of equipment which transports customers to the top of the snow slopes.

Padgate Services worked closely with the Club’s maintenance team to understand the current maintenance that was being undertaken and liaised with the equipment manufacturers to understand their maintenance recommendations. Padgate Services then developed a tailored maintenance programme to suit the Club’s needs – developing a maintenance calendar that took into account the seasonal peaks within the Club’s operation, detailed maintenance specifications for each of the component parts of the POMA lift and weekly maintenance schedules for the Club’s maintenance staff to undertake.

The resulting maintenance programme is ensuring that there is a co-ordinated and consistent approach to maintaining key parts of the club’s equipment, ensuring their safe operation and ultimately happy skiers and snowboarders.

Deborah Anstee
General Manager, Norfolk Snowsports Club
Our work with Wayne at Padgate Engineering services aimed to update and improve the efficiency of preventative maintenance on our Ski lift by implementing a tailored maintenance programme. The goal was to have a system that could be picked up by authorised maintenance staff members and would stand up to scrutiny by any interested party. We appreciated Wayne’s ability to work with all those concerned with this project and his patience in pushing the job to its conclusion. The maintenance programme designed by Padgate Services is now in place in one part of our operation and as we are satisfied with the result, we are now moving on to implement similar programmes in other areas within the organisation where a similar system will be of benefit.

Project Details

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    Norwich Snowsports Club
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    April 7, 2016