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D&F McCarthy Ltd

D&F McCarthy Ltd are East Anglia’s leading supplier of wholesale fruit and vegetable produce, with over 135 years in the business, sourcing and supplying quality seasonal fresh fruit and vegetables from local farms and all over the world.

Padgate Services work with D&F McCarthy Ltd on a regular basis, supporting them with their mechanical and electrical maintenance needs. On this occasion, Padgate Services were asked to project manage the installation of a new cooling system in collaboration with a specialist third party refrigeration supplier, Adcock Refrigeration. The cooling system was designed to improve product quality, keeping washed fruit and vegetables fresher for longer. Padgate Services was involved in identifying an integral cooling coil within the basket washer system as the most appropriate way of achieving the project’s aims and was then involved in the detailed design work, liaising with D&F McCarthy Ltd and the third party refrigeration specialists, to specify the key features of the system, such as the heat load, manufacturing materials, specialist resources required and timescales involved. Padgate Services then managed the project to ensure that all parties were able to meet the deadlines involved.

Padgate Services completed all of the preliminary technical work on schedule, replacing the mechanical ball value with an electrical one, building the refrigeration control panel and re-routing electrical supply cables. Padgate Services then acted as the on-site contact for the third party contractors involved in the installation, providing inductions and health and safety briefings and managing the fit and finish of the cooling coil when it was in-situ.

Once installed, Padgate Services were involved in testing the new equipment and ensuring it was working to speed and complying and addressing the project snagging list. The project was successfully concluded and Padgate Services also supported D&F McCarthy Ltd in final price and product guarantee negotiations.

Adrian Bonfield
Adcock Norwich Branch Manager
Adcock Refrigeration has been proud to be engaged by D&F McCarthy Ltd to provide a bespoke water cooling solution for their sliced/diced product facility. D&F McCarthy engaged Padgate E&M Services to provide production engineering advice in connection with the project and to act to ensure that the clients brief was correctly interpreted into the Adcock design. Padgate E&M Services provided support to their client at all stages, including design, acceptance, installation and snagging stages, this resulted in the installation proceeding with minimal downtime and a system that was commissioned and operational in the shortest possible period. Padgate E&M Services provided the perfect engineering technical interface between the client and the supplier, with a true benefit to all parties.

Project Details

  • Customer:
    D&F McCarthy Ltd
  • Category:
    Engineering management
  • Date:
    March 31, 2016