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D & F McCarthy Ltd

“D & F McCarthy first engaged the services of Padgate Services in July 2014. Once Padgate Services had been asked to help out with an issue on site it slowly became obvious that they were able to offer a wide breadth of skills. Simple tasks involving mechanical servicing and repairs evolved into more complex work such as control electronics and broadened still further into major plant and machinery repair and maintenance.

Once Padgate Services became involved in more and more aspects of the McCarthy business it became obvious that pre-planned routine maintenance and servicing of critical plant and machinery would not only give McCarthy’s more reliability, but would be more cost effective than repairs on an ad hoc basis. In this respect Padgate Services completed a thorough audit of all equipment on the premises and where there were obvious weaknesses in maintenance a step by step programme was put in place to make sure that more attention was given and a degree of discipline introduced to this area by the company. Many regular routine maintenance agreements were already in place for major equipment such as the complex refrigeration system, but these were still brought under Padgate Service’s maintenance system, giving greater clarity to the function of good maintenance regimes within the business as a whole.

The most useful aspect of using Padgate Services is their flexibility. A rapid response to out of hours calls for help for a business that operates 24 hours a day 6 days a week is essential and Padgate Services have responded well on several occasions, enabling production to be completed on our critical evening shifts.

Padgate Services have become involved in many more aspects of the business than could ever have been envisaged by McCarthy’s at their first meeting. Padgate Services have recently acted as project manager for the installation of a water cooling system into our vegetable washing line and the installation of a waste water separation press. Routine electrical work, industrial door, industrial lift, and pallet wrapper servicing and repairs are just some of the other areas where Padgate Services have been involved. It has to be said there are not many areas of the business where Padgate Services cannot bring their experience to bear and this has ensured we can operate safely, efficiently and show an ROI by eliminating problems before they become expensive repairs.”

MARTIN McCARTHY, Managing Director, D&F McCarthys Ltd

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  • Customer:
    D & F McCarthy
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  • Date:
    April 5, 2016