Would you dream of not giving your car its annual MOT? Treat your machines in the same way!

A maintenance audit is an investment in checking that your machinery is in good working order and an opportunity to get real data to enable you to consider how best to maintain your machinery going forward.

If your considering investing in a maintenance programme or need some insights into how to reduce your production downtime a maintenance audit may be the answer. A maintenance audit involves a skilled engineer spending some time on your site looking at the condition of your machinery and what type of maintenance regime would help reduce your downtime and make your equipment more reliable. You will then receive a detailed report and short presentation outlining the condition of your equipment and making recommendations about how to improve its reliability going forward. Real data to help you make informed decisions!

A maintenance audit is the start of a maintenance journey.  But why consider investing in maintaining your equipment at all ? Here are 4 key reasons:

  1. Reduced production downtime – the effects of regular maintenance will be reduce the amount of production time lost- your waste bins won’t be so full of lost of packing material or product and the amount of product re-work will be reduced.
  2. Minimizing running costs –  when your not running and producing  saleable product you are not able to recover the costs of the electricity, compressed air and water being consumed by your equipment, conveying systems, heat tunnels, refrigeration coolers etc.
  3. Staff time and energy – if you can reduce the amount of time your staff spend correcting the mistakes made by badly maintained equipment, they will have more time to carry out value-adding activities like checking product quality and presentation and will be more engaged and motivated when not dealing with repeated problems.
  4. Regulation– many quality audit systems that are used by customers to recognise reputable suppliers require that certain basic maintenance tasks and checks are carried out with records demonstrating compliance and the actions taken over issues of non-compliance. ‘We didn’t have time’ or ‘it was too complicated’ is a poor defense when considered against the potential consequences of product recall and staff and consumer safety.

So give Padgate Services a call and invest in a maintenance audit to understand the current condition of your equipment and to ensure it will keep serving your needs going forward!