Over a quarter of fatal injuries in 2015/16 according to the HSE in Great Britain were caused by falls from height. Falls from a height were the single largest category of fatal incidents, with 37 of a total of 144 caused in this way in this period. Padgate Services staff are fully trained and competent to undertake engineering tasks safely at heights.

Padgate Services, although only a small organisation, continuously tries to adopt a pro-active and preventative safety culture. Our belief is that prevention is better than cure. When we are on customer’s sites we want them to have every confidence that we are trained, competent and behaving safely at all times. We recently published our health and safety policy and invested in our on-site employees and sub-contractors attending a working at heights/powered access safety course, which is IPAF accredited (International Powered Access Federation). This ensures that all organisations we work with know that we are trained and competent to work on powered access equipment up to a height of 17m. But whilst training and competence are markers of the importance we place on health and safety, the best way to avoid accidents is our staff’s behaviour. We want to ensure that everyone who works for us or with us goes home at the end of every day. To that end, working safely is a priority at all times for us. This often means difficult conversations with a customer about the safest way to carry out work, using scaffolding rather than working off a ladder for example. Although this can often cost more in the short-term, it significantly increases the likelihood of avoiding other, potentially much bigger costs, such as sick pay, legal costs and the reputational damage of an avoidable accident. Challenging unsafe behaviours in others and discussing near misses are other important ways in which we are seeking to embed a safety culture. All good markers that our customers can trust Padgate Services to deliver both safe and professional engineering solutions.